Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Effect of essential oil from different plant species on the control of early blight in different tomato cultivars under in vitro and greenhouse condition.    M.Sc.    Habibi, Mohammad Maruf    2018-11-20
2    Effect of endophytic and epiphytic fungi obtained from tomato in North and Razavi Khorassan provinces against Alternaria and Rhizoctonia, pathogenic on this plant    Ph.D    daroodi, zoha    2018-09-22
3    Investigating the possibility of inducing resistance in pathosystem bean- Rhizoctonia solani With biological and chemical methods    Ph.D    kheiry, fatemeh    2018-09-22
4    Identification of pathogenic and endophytic fungi in root and crown of wheat in North Khorassan province    M.Sc.    rohani, fatemeh    2018-09-18
5    Identification and characterization of wheat endophytic bacteria on growth, biocontrol and induce resistance against Fusarium graminearum and Xanthomonas translucens.    Ph.D    Taheri, Elaheh    2018-07-15
6    Investigating the effect of Althaea officinalis extract on Alternaria spp. pathogenic in citrus    M.Sc.    maghsoudipourzeidabadi, fatemeh    2017-12-19
7    Investigating the possibility of controlling R. solani on tomato using antagonistic bacteria    M.Sc.    Aboujdiyah, Mohammed Noor Hadi    2017-09-19
8    Efficacy study of the rhizospheric bacteria in biocontrol or induction of wheat resistance against Fusarium culmorum, the casual agent of root and crown rot of wheat    M.Sc.    moghadam, fatemeh    2017-09-19
9    A survey on effect of essential oil obtained from Citrus cultivars against Alternaria spp. pathogenic on Citrus plants    M.Sc.    samandari, neda    2017-07-11
10    Effect of quorum sensing molecules on biology, physiology and pathology of Rhizoctonia solani AG1 IA the causal agent of rice sheath blight    Ph.D    nasimi, zohre    2017-03-01
11    A survey on cellular and molecular interactions of Erwinia amylovora against host in order to detect effective virulence factors    Ph.D    Sahebi, Masoud    2017-02-27
12    Identification of Fusarium spp. isolates associated with crown and root rot of wheat in Yazd province and investigating the possibility of protecting plant against the pathogen by Piriformospora indica    Ph.D    dehghanpour farashah, saeedeh    2016-06-01
13    Identification of Alternaria spp. associated with tomato early blight in Khorassan-Razavi province and investigating some of their virulence factors    M.Sc.    ramezany, younes    2016-04-12
14    Investigation of antifungal activity of different plant essential oils against two important species of Fusarium, pathogenic on wheat    M.Sc.    Faghih Imani, Mohammad Hossein    2016-04-12
15    Identification of sugar beet resistance sources to Phytophthora root rot and investigation on some biochemical and molecular aspects of resistance    Ph.D    kakueinezhad, mozhdeh    2016-02-27
16    Molecular and cellular responses of Erwinia amylovora and pome fruit trees against antimicrobial and resistance inducer compounds    Ph.D    akhlaghi, mahdi    2016-01-17
17    Identification of major fungi causing post-harvest grape rot and investigating biocontrol effect of antagonistic fungi and bacteria against them    M.Sc.    kasefi, kazem    2015-11-24
18    Investigating the effect of Nano-silver packaging on Aflatoxin growth and shelf life of Raw Pistachio    M.Sc.    abedini, faeze    2015-10-27
19    Identification of Alternaria spp. in orange trees of Golestan and Mazandaran provinces and investigating their virulence    M.Sc.    riahi, mahmood    2015-10-13
20    Identification and investigation of cellular and molecular interactions of fluorescent pseudomonads in combination with resistance inducers in order to effecient control of rice sheath blight    Ph.D    Rostami Daroonkola, Mehdi    2015-03-10
21    Investigating the role of reactive nitrogen species in the interaction of Rhizoctonia solani and fluorescent Pseudomonads with bean plant    Ph.D    keshavarztohid, vahid    2015-01-21
22    Comparison of bacterial virulence factors and investigation of the biochemical, molecular and cellular interactions of Xanthomonas citri subsp. citri with citrus    Ph.D    mirzaei, hossein    2014-08-06
23    A survey on cellular, molecular and biochemical aspects of wheat interaction with major Fusarium species, causing head blight disease    Ph.D    Khaledi, Nima    2014-07-02
24    Identification of epiphytic bacterial population dynamic of pome fruit trees in western Azarbaijan province    M.Sc.    Nojavan Chichaklooye Mansoor, Habib    2014-04-15
25    Identification of bacterial diseases of cucurbitaceae in Khoozestan province    M.Sc.    mohammad hoseini kho, setareh    2014-04-15
26    Identification and genetic structure of Macrophomina phaseolina, causing charcoal rot of melon in Khorassan-Razavi Province    M.Sc.    Alikhani, Aliakbar    2014-04-15
27    Idintification and pathogenicity of phylogenetic species in the Fusarium spp., causing head blight disease in barley fields of Khorassan Razavi, Northern Khorassan and Golestan provinces    M.Sc.    dozhanga, ali    2014-04-15
28    Isolation and Identification Taxol-Producing Endophytic Fungi from Iranian Yew (Taxus baccata) based on PCR    M.Sc.    farokhi, saeid    2014-02-22
29    Pathogenicity of enthomopatogenic fungi, Beauveria bassiana (Balsamo) Vuilemin and Metarhizium anisopliae (Metchnikoff) Sorokin against rosaceous branch borer Ospheranteria coerulescens (Coleoptera:Cerambycidae) Redtenbacher, 1850.    M.Sc.    Mohammadyani, Mehrdad    2014-02-04
30    Identification of secondary metabolites produced by epiphytic apple and pear bacteria isolated from North West and North East of Iran, with antagonistic effects on growth and virulence of Erwinia amylovora    Ph.D    habibi, roghayeh    2014-01-12
31    Identification of Pectobacterium carotovorum bacterial quorum quenchers and investigation of their mode of action    Ph.D    alymanesh, Mohamad Reza    2013-12-11
32    Syntheses and characterization of new phosphoramide and thiophosphoramide compounds and study on some of these compounds’ coordination with metal cations and investigation of their application as anti-fungus in agriculture    Ph.D    Taherzadeh, Maryam    2013-10-02
33    A survey on the interaction of tomato with various taxonomic groups of Rhizoctonia    M.Sc.    hosseini zahani, fatemeh    2013-06-03
34    A survey on the role of octadeconoid and phenylpropanoid pathways in tomato resistance to Rhizoctonia solani    M.Sc.    nourbakhsh, zahra    2013-04-16
35    Investigating the effect of essential oils from various plants against Rhizoctonia solani, the causal agent of tomato root and crown rot    M.Sc.    Keshavarz, Azadeh    2013-04-16
36    Comparison of phenotype and genotype charactristic of toxigenic and nontoxigenic strains of Pseudomonas syringae isolated from stone fruit trees in khorasan razavi provinces    M.Sc.    sarrafan sadeghi, sara    2013-04-16
37    Identification and phenogenotype characterization of ice nucleation bacteria isolated from stone fruit trees in Khorasan razavi province    M.Sc.    Taheri, Elaheh    2013-04-16
38    Study of the effector genes of the Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lycopersicy the causal agent of tomato wilt    Ph.D    Rabiei Motlagh, Elahe    2013-01-20
39    A survey on resistance of potato cultivars to Alternaria and Pectobacterium and characterizing some of the mechanisms involved in resistance    M.Sc.    Kakoei, Tahere    2012-11-21
40    Survey on the compatibility effect of strains of entomopathogenic fungus, Beauveria bassiana with plant extracts on various developmental stages of flour moth (Ephestia kuehniella) under laboratory conditions    M.Sc.    bahrampour, nazanin    2012-10-23
41    Identification of bacterial casual agents of wilting, rotting and leaf spot of watermelon in Khorasan razavi provinces.    M.Sc.    Hosseini ferezghi, حسینی فرزقی    2012-10-23
42    Identification of virulence factors of an Iranian strain of Pseudomonas tolaasi    M.Sc.    moradian, mina    2012-10-23
43    A survey on the possibility of inducing resistance in bean against Rhizoctonia root and crown rot and anthracnose diseases using flavonoids    M.Sc.    Marvi, Fahimeh    2012-09-10
44    Virulence determinants of Xanthomonas oryzea casual agent of rice bacterial blight in Iran    M.Sc.    sahebi, masoud    2012-09-08
45    A survey on defense responses of various rice cultivars against isolates of Alternaria as a necrotrophic fungus    M.Sc.    iran nejad, Abdoljabbar    2012-09-08
46    Biological control of Rhizoctonia root and foot rot of bean by some bacterial and Trichoderma strains using alone and together    M.Sc.    ,    2012-02-28
47    Investigation of cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in basal and induced resistance of tomato to Rhizoctonia solani causing damping-off and crown rot diseases    M.Sc.    nikraftar, fariba    2011-07-11
48    Identification, genetic diversity and pathogenicity of Rhizoctonia spp., associated with root and crown rot and damping off in tomato in Khorasan Razavi Province    M.Sc.    pourmahdi, atena    2011-07-11
49    Identification and characterization of bacterial leaf and fruit spot of tomato in khorasan razavi province    M.Sc.    modares shiakh, zahra    2011-07-11
50    Identification and characterization of pseudomonads causing bacterial blotch of mushrooms ‎in the central and north-east of Iran    M.Sc.    akhlaghi, mahdi    2011-07-11
51    Effect of Aspergillus on hydrolysis of phsphate organic compound    M.Sc.    javaheri, toktam    2011-06-06
52    Identification and determining diversity of bacterial producers of antimicrobial compounds against pear scab and fire blight diseases isolates from pear trees in Korasan-Razavi province    M.Sc.    sadeghian, samaneh    2010-06-08